19 x 23"

Paint marker, plastic, canvas, wood, cotton. 

Nicholas Conlon, 2019


This original work of art is multifaceted. It is done first as a drawing on the plastic covering of a 16 x 20" pre-stretched canvas. The canvas is then set inside a used silkscreen frame from the clothing line, Pink Guns Clothing. Pink Guns clothing line is original inception year 2003 has become a staple for anti gun violence. Not anti gun as that is a hurdle to high to achieve. But gun violence, though nearly as difficult a jump is at least conceivably attainable. The clothing line, Pink Guns, sets out to assist those families and victims of gun violence and to educate and evaluate the role of guns in our society. Out of production for several years now, Pink Guns This clothing line will go back into Production for the Fall/Winter season 19/20. We believe it is needed now more that ever. Or Now just like it always has. 

Please enjoy this authentic and original piece of art by Nicknickers' Artistic Director, Nicholas Conlon

Proceeds from the sale go toward the Pink Guns Fund


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