Spring Into Some Her




36 x 48"

Acrylic, latex enamel on canvas

Nicholas Conlon, 2018

$1000(shipping included) 

This piece is an abstract play with colors and art that turns out to be a great beautiful piece done by the hands of the artist and artistic director of Nicknickers, Nicholas Conlon. Yes it is a play on words in the title, but it is more a picture created that looks like a sunset, beach, waves, summer, water, life and beauty. If you can't see it. Get the piece for someone you think maybe will be able to and will appreciate that sometimes when spring turns into summer, sometimes you have to to spring into her... Nicknickers. Ironic. idiotic. iconic. You will never be the same.

Don't get your panties in a bunch. This is art. 

- Nicholas Conlon 

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