Symbols of Love and Awareness



SYMBOLS OF LOVE AND AWARENESS, Mixed Media on canvas, 48 x 36", Nicholas Conlon, 2018

This abstract painting is one of a kind with a coating of plaster and resin covering the entire canvas. The abstract pink, red and white flowers are on a jungle vines of green along with the realistic brick work to create a 3D effect of realism. This technique is proprietary to Artistic Director, Nicholas Conlon and the Nicknickers design team. This is one of kind and can never be duplicated. This is original art and can not be found anywhere else in the world. The title comes from the meaning of pink flowers and what they represent and it also lends itself to reflect on the times we are in now. The times perhaps we have been in forever. These walls we put up They need to either come down or if impossible made to become beautiful. These flowers mean we want things to be beautiful, full of love and institute awareness...  Nicknickers, Ironic, Idiotic, Iconic, You will never be the same.

Symbols of Love and Awareness

48 x 36"

Mixed Media 

Nicholas Conlon, 2018

$1000 (Shipping Included) 


Signed with pencil in-verso (on the back) to give the collector the option of hanging it the way they feel fits.  

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