30 X 40"

Mixed Media, Canvas

Nicholas Conlon, 2019


* Please note, this piece is wired in the middle to hang either way you feel... see pics. 

"At first I thought I messed up this painting, and then I thought... That's how's it been the last couple of days. BOOMING, BLOOMING, BRIGHT, GRAY, LOUD, GOLD and Full of life!!! I had to ask myself, Are we not part of the clouds?
Are the clouds not part of us? Are we the gray skies? Are we the rain? Are we the lightning and the thunder? Are we the flowers? Aren’t the flowers us? Our beautiful faces. Aren’t we all made of stardust? Crashing, Rising. Fresh? Cool? Aren’t we all cool? Upside down? Right side up? Can’t we flip the script? Can’t we change if we really want to? If we really make the effort? This is what I love about art. I don’t know anything it just comes out. Sometimes it looks better upside down. Sometimes it looks better flipped on it’s head. Sometimes it’s stuff we can’t see. And stuff we make up. We have to make it up. create. All of it. Make it up. Gray skies. Turn the around. Cloudy days. Thunder. Lightning. Gold. Gray. Green. Purple. Pink. Silver linings. Black and White. Cool. Fresh. We are all these things and all these things are in us. Just don't ever forget!"

- Nicholas Conlon

Nicknickers. Ironic. Idiotic. Iconic. You will never be the same. 

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