4. Ironic, Idiotic, Iconic Collection

"Lush" Exclusive Nicknickers Sweatshirt


"Lush" Exclusive Nicknickers Sweatshirt

"Lush" adj.

Someone who still has a sweatshirt like this. 

Made to order.

Each piece hand made and ink pulled.

Original, one of a kind, Nicknickers design.

An article of clothing fashionable or not, but it is a piece of clothing that let's everybody know you've been partying before the party started.

This is me at 4 in the morning.

Why not just start the party like this?

Just in case.

If it doesn't happen and I'm not being a gentleman?

"No big deal I was being fashionable." 

The "Lush" Marshall Field's Collection. Nicknickers. Ironic. Idiotic. Iconic. Nicknickers. You will never be the same.  

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