We do not have the answers. We are in the middle of a nationwide debate, with no clear solution to the issue of gun violence. What are we doing in the mean time? That's where THE PINK GUNS FUND comes in. In collaboration with Nicknickers, THE PINK GUNS FUND takes aim at assisting the ongoing process and wants to be a part of the solution. WE DO NOT HAVE THE ANSWERS. But, while the debate rages on, we want to help those affected by the problem of gun violence.


The right to own guns in America comes 2nd only to the right of free speech. As that is the absolute truth, we have to amend that right to keep us safe from those that abuse that right to do harm onto others. There is no sides to take, there is no right or wrong answers but there has to be a solution to the tragedy of gun violence in America. This isn't simple. It isn't simple to write about, it isn't simple to talk about, it isn't simple to do. The goal of The Pink Guns Fund is to help those people that are in the crosshairs of this ongoing debate.


The Pink Guns Fund. We don't fashion violence.




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