"The Vonnegut Collection" Exclusive Nicknickers tank top (unisex)


"The Vonnegut Collection" Exclusive Nicknickers tank top (unisex)
Vonnegut Collection. Sometimes things can get be seem feel confusing. Forgetting sometimes the periods the quarters the halfs and the collections. Completely missing the point. Missing the spot. Forgeting that 1 and 1 makes two. Sometimes some people somewhere need an asterisk. It's the hot thing nowadays. Everybody. Being an asshole. I got your nose. I saw you say. Sphincter. Ironic. Idiotic. Iconic. Nicknickers. You will never be the same.

An ultra-soft-to-the-touch feel. The tanks are 100% Polyester Jersey and made in America, sweatshop free.

• 100% Polyester Jersey construction
• Unisex
• Made in America, sweatshop free

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