"In order to move forward, sometimes, you have to put on blinders and earmuffs. Blinders And Earmuffs are necessary sometimes to get through the tough times. With all the information in the world constantly bombarding us with the news good and bad evil and hero riches and weather... With all the "This is what you're supposed to do's..." It can be hard to just deal sometimes."


Sometimes it's better to block out all the surrounding noise going on and just BREATHE. We need Blinders And Earmuffs. "BAE."
Let the stars get our backs and be not afraid of all the walls in the world.
This sounds like a commercial. It's really just my way of saying sometimes life is going to throw you a curveball. AND THEN... a knuckleball and then a fast ball and then a change up and then a screw ball and toss another fastball in there to be followed up by a few Eephus pitches followed by the final fastball. The dagger. You get the drift...Just keep breathing, keep moving forward and sometimes put on blinders and earmuffs. I'm going to keep building my fence. Don't look back or side to side, just keep building forward. Come on over...
This long-sleeved tee is a winning mix of simplicity, comfort and casual cool.

Size guide

  S M L XL 2XL
Length, Front (inches) 28 ¼ 29 ⅜ 30 ½ 31 ⅝ 32 ¾
Length, Back (inches) 28 ¼ 29 ⅜ 30 ½ 31 ⅝ 32 ¾
Width (inches) 18 20 22 24 26

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