"Chocolate Angel" (Black) Exclusive Nicknickers t-shirt


Goodbye sweet prince... A dedication to one of the greatest ever to take the highest office in America. The GOAT! The smartest, bravest, witty, funny and regal. This isn't a dig on the president. This is the truth. No matter what the color of our skin is, it's about being on the right side of the spectrum as a human in the human race. Mr. President you were on the right side and it's going to be beyond sad to see you go. Show your love with this special edition T-shirt in dedication to the best we've ever seen... Much love Mr. President from Nicknickers.

Logo on the back

This American Apparel t-shirt is the smoothest and softest t-shirt you'll ever wear.
• made in the USA, sweatshop free
• Slim fit
• Women order a size smaller

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