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YOU! It's all about YOU!!! LOVE U

Nicholas Conlon

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YOU! It's all about YOU!!!  LOVE U

What do you want?  What is it that you really want? What do you want out of LIFE?  Is it to be noticed? Is it to be alone?  Is it love?  Is it money? Is it to be free? Maybe it's a t-shirt that says "Relax I'm from Springfield" Whatever it is we want to be the one's to get you there. Even if you want one of those Relax I'm from fill in the blank t-shirts or hoodies. We can help you. (They're at Amazon just plug your name in or the town you're from, it's exciting!) We don't...

Collections, Collections, Collections...

Nicholas Conlon

Tags Art, Artist, Designs, Love, Made in USA, Nicholas Conlon, Nicknickers, olympics, rio

Collections, Collections, Collections...

After all it's what I do. I come up with an idea and I either write it, paint it, design it, draw it, film it, or sing about it. I can get what's in my head onto some sort of recorded medium about 75-95% of what it is I'm thinking about. And by recorded medium I mean a physical or digital object. i,e, a t shirt or canvas or digital film or microphone or paper or wall or scream grounded up on stage or something that can be seen and heard and felt by others. It's what I do. I...

For everybody that gets the irony, That likes puns and has fun, pokes and prods, jokes and confident nods. Winks and grins, loses and wins. Takes and gives. Twice as hard. Taking a swing to knock it out the yard. Make believes and believes what they made. Valedictorians or barely passed 8th grade. Haute moms and say hi kids. Daddy's little girl, keep on rocking in the free world. Because these times they are a changing. Ironic. Idiotic. Iconic. Nicknickers. You will never be the same.


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