Broken Rims & Dirty Dreams

Basketball art. Repurposed and refurbished broken backboards and discarded basketball hoops and more...

Broken Rims & Dirty Dreams


This show is about basketball. The art of basketball. Sometimes called “poetry in motion” because of how beautiful this sport is, the colors, the players, the movements, the arenas. This show is about the equipment used in basketball and by used I mean, overused, worn out, ripped apart, broken, torn down, shattered, recycled and repurposed. I’m talking about rims that have been beat up and dunked on, shot on over a 100,000 times. Gym shoes and kneepads. Rims that are barely hanging on and backboards with no rim there, just left for dead. Or maybe worse, left alone, lonely for years. I dream of going to the park and meeting all my friends to play for hours and make fun of each other for air-balls, broken ankles, missed layups and bricks. I remember backyard battles that lasted through the night, going to sleep only to wake tomorrow and do it all over again. I dream of those dirty backboards, broken rims and rusty steel nets, I dreamed of pigeons in parks and German shepherds barking in the alleys of Chicago. I dream I’m playing for fame in my neighborhood, North side, South side, Church league, Traveling. Where every garage had a backboard and rim on it, where every kid thought he’d be Mike. I dream of beating you in front of your parents and I did. I love huge crowds screaming but I also love to shoot in the schoolyard with nobody around. I dream of playing with Marcus Liberty and Tommy Kleinschmidt, Mookie Blaylock and Manute Bol. The new kid at the park and of course Stephen Curry. I dream of playing in a packed stadium of high school students seeing their classmates’ first dunk, I dream of the front page and the back page too. I dream of being famous but now it’s in the world of art, where I can make my dreams come true.

Nicholas Conlon 


To look at the not so famous and the unique and the possibilities that this even game gives us. The ball is the same size the rules are the same no matter where you go the rim is the same height and the court is the same size. Everybody is equal. Of course being tall gives you quite the advantage but it doesn’t help you shoot. It doesn’t help you run and it doesn’t automatically mean you will win. Because this game in it’s equity and skill depends on how hard you can go, how long you can go and with how much heart. Small schools win big tournaments. Big schools favored can loose to the underdog because they believed they could. This game is about believeing you are good enough to win. This art show is about believing you’re good enough to be here. Ironic. Idiotic. Iconic. Nicknickers. You will never be the same. 

For everybody that gets the irony, That likes puns and has fun, pokes and prods, jokes and confident nods. Winks and grins, loses and wins. Takes and gives. Twice as hard. Taking a swing to knock it out the yard. Make believes and believes what they made. Valedictorians or barely passed 8th grade. Haute moms and say hi kids. Daddy's little girl, keep on rocking in the free world. Because these times they are a changing. Ironic. Idiotic. Iconic. Nicknickers. You will never be the same.


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